Home Insurance

Did you know that most banks and lenders require proof of home insurance before they will lend you money to buy a home?

Home insurance is designed to protect your home and contents in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism, or a weather-related damage claim. House insurance also provides liability coverage if someone is hurt on your property. Home insurance policies include coverage for the dwelling, detached structures, personal property and additional living expenses. There are two different types of policies you can choose:

Broad Policy – this type of policy provides All RISK COVERAGE for your home and only Named Perils coverage for your contents. This means that coverage would not be available for accidental loss or damage caused to your contents.

Comprehensive Policy – this second type of policy provides ALL RISK COVERAGE on both the home and your contents. Accidental loss or damage would be covered on your contents under a Comprehensive policy.

If you own a home, you need Home Insurance, it’s that simple. Without it, any type of accident, damage or theft that occurs falls on your own finances to remedy. Take these factors into consideration when thinking about purchasing Home Insurance.
  • Your home is your single biggest asset. If it is damaged or destroyed, you need insurance to repair or replace the home home or its contents.
  • If someone is hurt on your property and launches a lawsuit, you need insurance to cover these legal costs
  • The age, size and location of your home are factors in determining how much home insurance you need

In the event of damage to your home, we’re here to help you fully understand the process and guide you through the steps to resolve your loss.

  • We ensure that all claims are dealt with fairly, transparently and efficiently
  • We keep you informed at each stage in the process

Your home is a huge investment, make sure it is insured properly with these helpful tips.

  • Find out when the furnace and shingles were last replaced on the home. These can affect not only the price but the coverage that might be available to you.
  • Know what type of plumbing and electrical system is in your home. This would include the amps of your electrical system as well as the wiring type and the type of pipes in the home.
  • Let us know if you have any business being run out of your home. Your home insurance policy may not provide enough coverage for your home business and we can help you get the proper insurance for the business.
  • Find out of if the house has a sump pump and/or a backwater valve. If you are looking to purchase the Sewer Back up Coverage, the amount of coverage available to you can depend on whether or not these are installed in the home.
Protect Your Structures

Home insurance will help cover the cost to replace your home and structures should you suffer a total loss.


Provides coverage for damage caused to your home and any attached structure such as an attached garage or deck.

Detached Structures

Provides coverage for damage caused to a building on your property, separate from your house such as your fence, detached garage, or shed.

Personal Property Coverage

Your home insurance will cover the cost to replace your contents. Don’t forget that in addition to your furnishings to add in the cost to replace all your clothing, electronics, bicycles, jewelery, and everything else of value.

Liability Coverage

Should an accident occur that causes damage to someone else or a neighboring property, you are covered for repair and medical expenses.

Living Expenses

Provides coverage for any extra expenses you may have if you are unable to stay in your home during the repairs after a claim. These can be expenses for hotel rooms or rent on an apartment, even the cost of meals.

Personal Property

Provides coverage for your belongings whether they are in your home or detached garage.

Optional Insurance Coverage

Sewer Back Up/Sump Pump Failure

Provides you with coverage in the event water comes into your home through your sewer lines or if your sump pump fails.

Scheduled Items

Items such as jewellery, furs, collections, watercraft or bicycles can be subject to a limit in the policy. If you have a higher valued item, scheduling the article on your policy is a very good idea.

Service Line Coverage

Provides coverage for damage caused to underground service lines on your property such as data, hydro or water lines.

Home Equipment Breakdown

Provides coverage for mechanical or electrical breakdown, rupture or bursting of your home – heating and/or cooling system.

Overland Water

It can provide coverage if water enters your home through a window well after a heavy rainfall or if a body of water rises or overflows and causes damage to your home.