ATV insurance for all-terrain vehicles provides financial coverage in the event of loss, damage, accident, injury or theft of your ATV. Liability coverage will cover the costs of bodily injury and property damage to another person or another person’s property if you have caused the accident.

You need ATV insurance if you own and operate an ATV or operate it on someone’s property, both public and private. This coverage will provide financial protection in the event that you are the cause of an accident or injury to another person or to another person’s property. It also covers the covers the cost of repairs and replacement coverage if your ATV is damaged or stolen.

The type of ATV insurance you need depends on:
  • The type of ATV you own
  • Where you store your ATV when it’s not in use
  • When and where you will use your ATV
  • Who will be driving your ATV
Expert Insurance offers:
  • Got Toys ORV Program
  • All Perils coverage available
  • Replacement Cost is available for new sleds & Atvs for 2 years
  • No underage exclusion
  • Coverage extends to ANYONE with the owners permission
  • Rider plus endorsement available (to include Search & Rescue, increased rider gear limit, lock rekeying and travel protection
  • Increased liability protection to 1 or 2 million in excess of your basic $500,000 with MPI
  • Using an off-road vehicle properly is the first step to a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • To prevent a collision, drive your ORV at a safe speed and never ride impaired.
  • You should always wear an approved helmet that fits properly and protective riding gear.
  • Ride on designated trails only. ORVs are meant to be operated off-highway and pavement can seriously affect handling and control.
  • When crossing a roadway, cross at a right angle and close to an intersection.
  • Don’t carry a passenger unless your ORV was designed for two people. And be aware that your vehicle will handle differently.
  • Drivers can help avoid a collision by watching for ORVs in ditches and at trail crossings. If you see an ORV, slow down.
  • ORV riders should never assume motorists will see you. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

Off-road Vehicle Coverage

We are an authorized Autopac agent for Manitoba Public Insurance. In addition to your basic registration, we offer Got Toys Insurance to provide coverage with competitive price and coverage options for most extension products on your off-road vehicles.

Got Toys Insurance

Got Toys insurance can be purchased in addition to your regular policy and will provide a policy that covers you & your unit anywhere you can legally ride in Canada or the continental United States.

  • Coverage for collision & upset, fire, theft and vandalism available
  • Replacement Cost is available for brand new sleds for 2 years
  • Accident Benefits Coverage
  • This covers the insured with costs resulting from accidental death (including funeral expenses), disability, rehabilitation, medical treatment, and loss of income.
  • Rider plus endorsement available
  • This is to include coverage for Search & Rescue, increased rider gear limit, lock rekeying and travel protection. This would be ideal for the traveling off-roader or long distance trips.
  • Increased liability protection to 1 or 2 million in excess of your basic $500,000 with MPI
  • Coverage extends to anyone with the owners permission
  • Ways to save on your Snowmobile insurance
  • We will also help you take advantage of any applicable discounts such as:
  • Club Member Discount (having a snopass counts!)
  • Safety course discount
  • Approved installed immobilizer discount
  • Discount for increasing to $1000 deductible

Extension Products Available

Manitoba Public Insurance offers 500,000 third party liability with matching under insured motorist protection with your basic registration. The following extension products are available:

  • Collison – $500 or $200 deductible
  • Comprehensive (fire, theft and vandalism) – $500 or $200 deductible
  • Accident benefits
  • Increased limits of 1, 2 or 5 million third party liability