Seasonal property insurance is designed for your cabin, cottage, ski-chalet or any similar property that you use periodically as a vacation property. Seasonal property or cottage insurance is similar to your homeowner policy, but with special allowances to reflect significant periods of off-season vacancy.

You should consider Seasonal or Cottage Insurance if you meet any of these criteria:
  • You own a cottage, cabin, chalet or similar-type property
  • Your seasonal property is vacant periodically during the year
  • Your seasonal property is located in an area prone to severe weather
  • You want financial coverage in the event that your property is damaged by fire, water, theft or vandalism

Types of Seasonal/Cottage Insurance Coverage

Broad Policy

Provides ALL RISK COVERAGE for your cottage and only Named Perils coverage for your contents. This means that coverage would not be available for accidental loss or damage caused to your contents.

Comprehensive Policy

Provides ALL RISK COVERAGE on both the cottage and your contents. Accidental loss or damage would be covered on your contents under a Comprehensive policy.

Fire & Extended Coverages Only

Provides very basic coverage on the seasonal property and is limited to losses like fire, wind, hail. There are a number of exclusions within this type of policy.

We can match your insurance to the specific needs you have for your seasonal or cottage property. Let us know about the following things according to your property:

  • Determine when your furnace and shingles were replaced. The age of these items can have an effect on the price and the type of coverage that is available
  • Determine the type of pluming and what type of electrical you have in the cottage. You should also know the amperage of your fuse panel(s), the type of wiring and the type of plumbing pipes in the cottage
  • We will need to know if you have any wood stoves or wood burning fireplaces
  • Find out how many kilometers your property is located from the nearest fire station

Seasonal Property Insurance

Seasonal property insurance can be added to your home insurance policy or can be insured separately. Protection for your cottage can include coverage for theft, vandalism, docks, wet boathouses and more. Types of dwellings covered include true seasonal cottages, lake homes, log homes, or even island locations.

Liability Coverage

Regardless of whether your property is used year-round or seasonally, liability coverage is important as accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. This will also cover you for any damage you may cause to a neighbour’s property.

Coverage for Cottage Contents

Be sure to cover all contents that remain permanently at this location. The items that you bring from your main home and take back and forth to the cottage need to be covered on your primary home insurance policy.

Detached Private Structures

Depending on your property, you might want to buy additional coverage on structures. Coverage may be limited for outbuildings such as boathouses.

What’s included in Seasonal/Cottage Insurance


Provides coverage for damage caused to your seasonal property and any attached structure such as an attached garage or deck.

Detached Structures

Provides coverage for damage caused to a building on the property, separate from your seasonal property such as a detached garage or a shed.

Personal Property

Provides coverage for your belongings whether they are in the seasonal property or detached garage.

Optional Coverage

Sewer Back Up/Sump Pump Failure

Provides you with coverage in the event water comes into your cottage through the sewer lines or the sump pump fails.

Service Line Coverage

Provides coverage for damage caused to underground service lines on your property such as data, hydro or water lines.

Overland Water

Provides coverage if water enters your cottage through a window well after a heavy rainfall or if a body of water rises or overflows and causes damage to your cottage.