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Getting Your 5L Driver’s Licence

Be sure you bring the right identity documents with you!

Before you can get your driver’s licence, you have to register with Manitoba Public Insurance as a customer. To do this, you must prove your identity and show that you are a Manitoba resident. Verifying identity before a driver’s licence is issued helps protect all Manitoban’s from identity theft. It also ensures that Manitoba driver’s licences are issued only to those who are in Canada legally, whether as citizens, permanent residents or visitors. You can prove your identity with one of the following common combinations of identification documents. For more information on other documents that are accepted, read the Establishing Your Identity brochure at mpi.mb.ca.

Option 1: Canadian passport + Two documents showing where you live*

Option 2: Certificate of Indian Status + Birth Certificate + Two documents showing where you live*

Option 3: Secure Certificate of Indian Status + Two documents showing where you live*

Option 4: Foreign Passport (with acceptable evidence showing entitlement to be in Canada) + Two documents showing where you live*

You can use these documents to prove where you live:
  • your bank statement (from the bank with teller stamp and signature) — credit card statements are not accepted
  • void cheque (with bank-printed address)
  • a confirmation of employment letter from your employer
  • your cell phone bill
  • your income tax statement
  • Manitoba Health card (If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian’s Manitoba Health card can be used, provided you are listed on the back of the card as a dependant.)

Note: All documents, except for the Manitoba Health card, must be dated within 90 days or they cannot be accepted.

Two supporting documents containing your physical address are required to prove you reside in Manitoba.

Rural customers must provide at least one document containing their physical address. If rural customers do not have two supporting documents containing their physical address, the second document can contain their mailing address. Any supporting address document must be dated within 90 days of the date of application.

*Having trouble finding two address documents? A Guarantor Declaration can help.

If you only have one document showing your address, you can ask a Guarantor to vouch for you. The declaration also supports the signature and photograph requirements.

Example: Your Canadian birth certificate + One document showing where you live + A signed Declaration  of Guarantor for Proof of Identity form

What’s a Guarantor?

A Guarantor is someone who can confirm your identity. To act as a Guarantor, a person must be a Canadian citizen residing in Canada, have known you personally for at least two years and be from one of the occupations listed on our website. Your Guarantor must fill out the Declaration of Guarantor for Proof of Identity form found on our website at mpi.mb.ca.


  • Documents in languages other than English or French must be translated by an official translator before they can be accepted as supporting identification documents.
  • All documents must be valid and original. Expired documents or photocopies will not be accepted.

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